Building a new home on an unserviced lot?

An application needs to be completed and sent to the Nova Scotia Department of Environment for approvalIf you are planning on building a new home on an unserviced lot your first step is to make contact with a QP 2 or QP 1 and provide me them with the information about the location of your lot (PID number) very useful and to arrange a walk about of your lot.

Arrange a time to meet on your lot and also arrange for the excavation of a test pt ensuring all separation distances are met, the test pit is then assessed for the soil conditions ( permeable soil type)

Based on the test pit a system selection or design will be determined.

An application will then be completed and sent to the Nova Scotia Department of Environment for approval. This will take 5 to 10 business days. Upon receipt of the approval you can now apply for your building permit.

Once you are ready for the excavation for your lot ensure to have a certified installer for the installation of your new septic system. The installer will then notify us as the QP11 to call in a three day notice prior to completion. Septics R Us will then perform an inspection of the septic ensuring that it conforms to the approval. Once the OK has been given to back fill the installer will cover and seed the field and notify Septics R Us to perform and complete the final certificate. The final certificate is then drawn up and sent to the county and the homeowner for their records. The county then issues their occupancy permit.

Septics R Us has just completed the full meal deal for yet another happy customer.